Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Are Baby Muzzles Illegal?

Apparently, if you have enough children, you will deal with every common childhood issue.

Ladies and gentlemen.....we have a biter.

Anabelle was the unfortunate victim of the first blood draw.
And this occurred after a weekend of me telling people that I was pretty sure Georgia's biting habit was fading.  I spoke too soon.

My other two kids never went through a biting phase, so this is weird to me.  Anabelle may have the ability to cut you to shreds with her words, but she has never been physically mean.  Neither is Braden.

Are some kids just born with the instinct to bite?

I'm fully aware that this is a phase.  One that I will be more than a little excited to see pass since I am usually the victim of those tiny chompers.  The biting really doesn't occur that frequently - just often enough to keep us on our toes.  And it almost always occurs when she is super pissed about something.

I've come to recognize the head tilt and little gleam in her eye that indicate she is about to take a chunk out of you.  We've all gotten good at stopping a bite before it even happens.  Braden and Anabelle have been helping me redirect her physical aggression and remind her to be gentle.  I swear we say "Be gentle!" about 637 times a day.  Thank goodness she has limited the biting to immediate family members.

But the even bigger problem...
As much as the biting sucks, it's just the icing on her aggression cake.  When Georgie gets mad, it's an all out physical tantrum - kicking, hitting, scratching, hair pulling......and then she tops it off with a good bite.

Who is this child?

She's such a dichotomy of mellow sweetness and scrappy street fighter.
I can not - not even a little bit - imagine how these two personality traits will unfold into a teenager or adult.  I am pretty sure that I should be scared though.

I guess we'll just keep chipping away at this biting thing.  I still think it is getting better.  Obviously not in time to save Anabelle's cheek, but better compared to a month ago.

And, ummm, anyone else feel like Anabelle just had the universe pay her back - just a little bit - for the ridiculousness she has put me through over the last two years...?


The Hills said...

Oh man. I do not envy you. Sierra was a biter. She mostly came after me and like you said, you learn to recognize it before it happens. I finally started telling her to bite herself, which she did for a while (hard enough to leave marks) and then we had a steady decline. Sedona only bit 2 or 3 times and only bit Sierra (sorry, but that was a little bit o' karma, I think). I'm hoping Secora's a non-biter too.

For the record, I think some kids are just biters. As Sierra got older, we redirected her frustration/aggression (bite a pillow, etc...), but when they're little it's hard to do much but avoid the current attack. I'm glad I didn't have to put her in daycare. I would've been mortified to be "the biter's mom", but it really isn't something you can cure overnight.

Anonymous said...

was she born in june ? my son the dual gemini was that way. he bit me a couple times. one time i bit him back and he never did it again. i told him that im not a snack haha
your poor little babies getting the wrath of the tiniest member. :(

Lora said...

Henry is the same way. He bites and pulls hair and then laughs, or sometimes right before he digs his claws or teeth in to you he will shriek "OOUUCH!!" as a sort of warning he is about to hurt you.

Good times.

Marti Kubena said...

She's a January baby - the 13th. And I know nothing about her zodiac sign. Maybe I should go research that!

Anonymous said...

Maybe she is taking the Twilight/Vampire shows literally.